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Kim Pine. Turf Warsshe is shown to be lesbian and gives advice to Korra and Asami about coming out. Foxglove has a nightmare in which the deceased Judy blames her for her death. In The Doll's Househe goes AWOL from the dreamscape and becomes a serial killer who invites men to have sexual relations with him, then murders them. Scott walks in when two of his ex-girlfriends, Knives Chau and Kim Pine, are making out.

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I am a submissive and obedient boy and also extroverted.

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Krista Lenz. The art of selfsucking 4. She is a trans girl and a member of the Demon Triad, a group of demon warriors that work for the Toguro Brothers. Her behavior routinely annoys her students, but the principal does not take any steps to prevent it.

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Miyuki is a character from both the manga and the anime.

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