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Filming elements of the programme was really fun and to have my friends and especially my family be a part of it really brought us together. Courts Millionaire caged over death of worker secretly helping him dig nuclear bunker Daniel Beckwitt, who was obsessed over a possible attack by North Korea, was jailed for at least nine years over Askia Khafra's death. George Edmundson Peterborough chief's transfer blast 'over Rangers target George Edmundson' Darragh MacAnthony took to Twitter to explain why his club has pulled out of a deal. Bee said: Who is model Chrissy Teigen married to? Question - 1 of 5 Score - 0 of 0.

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I'm still very nervous about the project and what people will make of it.

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I've made great friends while making the programme and also seen true friends become stronger ones while making the programme. Home Schedule TV Guide. Home Clips Galleries Three personal stories How we made the programme. While Bee admits her childhood years have not been easy — she was bullied at school, has self-harmed and considered suicide — she now feels happy, confident and excited about the future.

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Now 18 and comfortable in who she is, Bee is set to feature in a new BBC documentary which will be aired tonight.

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