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It's his constant tweets in French like he trying to prove how well he speaks French. I couldn't be crueler to a nicer person! New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. He majored in ancient history and pre-med. He and Liberace dated many of the same women. Because Yani made me feel comfortable enough, I felt comfortable enough to make the moves I need to make, and that after it's over and we are done with the take, Yani won't go, "What the heck were you doing? I know we do!

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First of all, as someone whose first language is French, I can assure you he doesn't speak French nearly as well as he seems to think he is.

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And I agree with you, of all characters who would discover something like that, it's going to be Nikki! Could Rafe be on to Adam? You like to feel that you are an individual who is not quite definable.

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