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BCI thinks your suggestions are both without merit. Your comment and complaint say nothing about what specifically causes you to believe the situation described for Boston is not an accurate depiction of the situation in Boston. To protect themselves from accountability for all of the above and other forms of misconduct, many priests habitually lie about almost every part of their lives. On the other hand, many priests over 55 just wear a clerical suit with a collar to identify themselves as priests. Child sexual abuse is connected to the fall and effects all races, colors, and creeds.

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While it does not explicitely ask people to do that, it certainly invites that kind of slip.

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Deep chalice boston priest gay

When you make one major factual error underlying your claim, everything else you say loses credibility. He took a vested interest in preaching and candidate evaluation. In other words, if and when a pastor discovers he wants out, he is not an indentured servant—financially speaking. They all protected the gay cabal of terrorists. In related news, I want to bring to your attention this powerful column written by an anonymous priesttalking about how exhausted he is by the never-ending scandals, and the belief that bishops will not support priests like him.

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What Jerry meant was specifically the virtue of chastity for a priest or religiousas distinguished from the virtue of chastity for a lay-person. We live it when we see seminarians leave because a priest made an advance on them and you do nothing about it after we report it. Michael has given good replies above. We are in the Orthodox Christian Church and we must not only proclaim what has always been taught and believed, but speak plainly about it. Just Another Priest, thank you also for your candor.