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He wants to be liked, cared about, and be like other men. He said he regretted, however, that his family and culture had led him to believe that same sex attraction cannot change and that he should not try to change it. Why would reparative therapy following homosexual abuse be so wrong? We got in to a fight one night and the next he left and moved in to a hotel and then instantly this married woman was there with him every night and they basically only been talking on the phone through fb for like a month. Those first few times he met his friend, I had what I can only describe as out-of-body experiences. I allowed myself a short time to grieve.

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But that particular TV show troubles me.

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I allowed myself a short time to grieve. Has it been replicated? Yet another first, and yet another challenge to navigate. This is my last comment on this thread.

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I agree with Dr.

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