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Get your sweet cocksucking mouth over here and get me off again before you go back to that asshole for another load. His ass was a fucking work of art, high and bubbled with a soft dusting of blond hair which became thicker in his butt crack. And because his work was very physical and outdoors, he sweated something fierce giving him an overwhelming aroma of male animal by the time the work day was over. But I would have done anything for you because I really wanted you! That feels so fucking good! Would you like that, son? We have to defend the diversity among workers.

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He was pulling out until only the head was left in my hole and then slammed the entire length of his cock back into my boy-hole until he again bottomed out in my hole.

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My Dad moaned but his cock stayed rigid up my butt. I was sandwiched between the two sweaty construction workers as they used my holes for their pleasure. He was early getting home but had more than enough beer to make him horny as hell and to relieve him of a lot of his inhibitions. Your Cookies are not enabled.

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Finally, in I met someone:

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