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Now available in a shockingly vibrant and fun Thunda print! The area protected includes the entire vulvaincluding the clitoristhe clitoral hood and the delicate labia minora which protrude from the vulva in some women and are therefore especially vulnerable to injury from impact and from stretching or tearing. Satisfy your hunger with these yummy prints! Brands available at Erogenos that serve mens jockstraps Intymen: There is a variety of them available to us. Athletic Shorts.

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A strapless garment, called a jock sock or sometimes a slingshot[9] has only an elastic waist band with an elastic pouch that holds the genitals from the front.

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It features a premium sweat wicking tactel to keep you cool and dry in hot and sweaty conditions Fashion jocks often incorporate soft-lined front pouches or they may be designed to bring the male genitalia forwards or upwards. These brands are highly popular and used by many guys.

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The assortment by the label goes all the way from classic and conventional to sexy and sensuous.

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