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Just as his stream began to slow I had him drain it into the bottle. The School Jock Lavell: You started to ejaculate, expelling your semen into the shit near my cock. But I never thought of that and I guess he didn't either, and it was all right because I didn't miss a drop. Just then a guy came around the corner and we made eye contact. And it was copious.

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I rubbed my hands along your sides smearing the shit that had been pushed out by my weight up and down your body.

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I walked over to you. He made me drink it all down and then smeared my face on the toilet seat. Enter email to start trial We respect your privacy. It turned me gay. I also made sure to lick any dirt out from between your toes. Suddenly one of the players stood up pulled down his pants climbed onto the hand rest of his chair stuck his ass out into the aisle and roared: You knew I found dirty feet a turn-on from the "care-free, don't give a shit that feet are getting dirty so long as they're free from hot, uncomfortable shoes" attitude.

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Soon John came down the corridor with his dick and balls swinging in front of his pants. The temperature had risen to the upper 80s as forecast. One weekend in my sophomore year our school played a team from another town and the band went there on a school bus. Your right pit was now soaked with my spit, I switched over to your left. I turned the doorknob, turned around, and led you inside my the hand. We got back to my place, set our bicycles aside, and went to my apartment door.

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