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So I guess you're saying I shouldn't invest in ocean front property in Pasadena just yet? So if large areas of ice are easily broken up by these waves, it makes you wonder how there could be an Antarctic ice sheet in the first place! They say that scientists have figured out a swell from the Gulf of Alaska traveled across the Pacific and took out the mother of all icebergs in Antarctica. Surf Report For Today: Video transects of Paul's Reef, a stunning coral reef upstream of the dredge site, shows a clean reef. It actually makes sense though, because most of the swell from the Gulf of Alaska storms was aimed toward North and South America, and not the portion of Antarctica below New Zealand where the iceberg was located.

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This time, however, gay surfersanglers, divers and others representing the real interests of the America beach-going public made it clear they've had enough of ASBPA's arrogance and misrepresentations.

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This northerly swell was quickly followed by a stronger WNW'er which was whipped up by a storm as it intensified by the Dateline. Well, the earliest detectable arrivals from a storm pretty much have to be small. When the scientist are talking about this swell potentially breaking up the iceberg, how big were the waves they were talking about? In June of we tracked a storm that traversed from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific, which generated swell from Indonesia, to Australia, through the Pacific Islands, to South and North America, and then finally registered as 4-foot second foot deep water swell on the buoys all the way up in Alaska.

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So forerunners are really small in height?

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