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Six days into his Whitefish campaign, Anglin announced phase two: One of its first acts was to order the police "pink lists" from all over Germany. In the s, work was done on the Gay Holocaust and rather than emphasizing the severity of destruction to communities or the exclusivity of the genocidal process of the Nazi regime, it focuses on the intersections of social constructions such as gender and sexuality within the context of social organization and political domination. Historical research to date has been very limited. And so Gersh had to go after Anglin in court. He stretched his earlobes by jamming thick marker caps into piercing holes until they dripped blood. Romantic failure.

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In another letter sent to the Bee just last week, Williams chided a reporter requesting an interview with him for failing to disclose his racial heritage to the accused murderer.

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Anglin was a normal kid back then, whose only remarkable quality was his extraordinarily nasal voice—it was so bad that Burkholder thought he might have a sinus problem, and raised the issue with his mother, Katie, at a parent—teacher conference. Anglin now shared what he said had been his true editorial approach all along: Auernheimer grew up in the Ozarks and went to federal prison in on identity-theft and hacking charges. Yes, I am familiar with most racists lovers of their own race as I have a prodigious thirst to research.

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It should be noted that Nazi authorities sometimes used the charge of homosexuality to discredit and undermine their political opponents.

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