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And then, he takes them on a tour. He could get a busboy and a king talking. He gets a lot of questions about drugs to prevent HIV. One of the more peculiar aspects of his television personality is that everyone who watches his shows sees in him a different man. Because of that show I now attend to bluebird boxes in the Pasadena area, all thanks to Huel Howser. Sign up for The Localist, our daily email newsletter with handpicked stories relevant to where you live.

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The article stated Howser was extremely private concerning his personal life.

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That you have started five articles is no indicator of anything. Stick to facts that the article can source, and you're fine. In the eighth grade Howser went to Washington to serve as a page in Congress.

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I am not for that since he never publically acknowlledged being gay, if he was.

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