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In my opinion, the article should emphasize more, that Hello Kitty, as most of the other Sanrio Characters have not been created to be part of a comic story or of an animation movie - as are e. Ok then Mfyui talk Art and product can be reconciled in part because it's possible for Hello Kitty as art to critique Hello Kitty as product. All articles read Sanrio, very few read "and the creator". Where did this information come from? By Kerry Reid Is it originally a comic figure or a cartoon character, or was it from the beginning created with the only purpose of printing it on all kinds of stuff in order to make loads of money?

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Good lord, that explains all the bouncing.

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Talk:Hello Kitty/Archive 1

Hi, Can somebody tell me why there is no reference that Hello Kitty was stolen from Miffy? In standing by what is verifiable, it's best to just leave this one at "Sanrio says". The first states that she is not a cat the infamous quote from the Christine R. Wow, now I've read a whole article about Hello Kitty and still don't know what it actually is. This section could obviously use a lot of work. It effectively erases the line between capitalism and. Not only that, a significant amount of the information is on the anime and cartoons that were played in Japan.

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Hello Kitty actually originates in a very old and well-known myth about a cat who saves a group of people from death. Cats can't taste sweets,so why does she collect them? She is a little girl. I had no idea about the Kitty White scenario until now. In one sense, the ubiquity is validating—how can 50 million Kitty fans be wrong?

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