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Most Candida infections are not the result of sexual transmission, and the prevalence of this infection is similar in lesbians. Possible female-to-female transmission of human immunodeficiency virus. In the category of cardiovascular disease, adult and lifetime lesbians reported more myocardial infarctions, but had the same rate of hypertension, and fewer strokes as compared to the bisexual and heterosexual women. A model for those who choose to provide lesbians with insemination services is described by Brewaeys and associates. Sullivan, Prevalence of mental disorders, psychological distress, and mental health services use among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults in the United States. In a national probability sample, the prevalence of intimate partner violence was higher between gay men, and lower between lesbian partners compared to heterosexual couples.

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Most, but not all, 45 studies have found that lesbians in these high-risk groups have often been found to be less likely to practice safe sex.

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How Are Gay Men Affected by Prostate Cancer?

There is growing evidence that lesbians, as a group, have a profile of risk factors that may predispose to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and various cancers. Am J Public Health It has been estimated that somewhere between 97, gay or bisexual men are living with a prostate cancer diagnosis in the United States alone, with roughly 39, of these men being in committed male-male relationships. Though the doctor's visual findings can be immediately communicated to the patient, any collected fluid or tissue samples requiring testing may take a few days to be processed and interpreted. Bacterial vaginosis in lesbians and bisexual women. Simpson, Improving services for lesbian clients:

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The most convincing and instructive case is reported by Marmor and coworkers. This chapter was last updated: Physicians who have knowingly treated homosexual patients have been shown to be less likely to be homophobic. Transmission between two women could, therefore, also be possible during vulva-to-vulva contact or transmission from fingers to vagina. How does the sexual orientation of parents matter? Gorin, Health care access among individuals involved in same-sex relationships.

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