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Female hormonal treatment has a dramatically greater effect if begun before a male puberty has started on average age 12, but plus or minus 2 years than after a male puberty has completed on average 17, plus or minus. What makes Lucy's story unique is that she is the youngest transsexual in Britain to attempt to document on camera the psychological and emotional journey to rid herself the male body she was born with. Gender For most children their legal, chromosomal and physical sex agree with their mental gender and preferred gender role Born inGerman teenager Kim Petras formerly Tim became world famous as supposedly the youngest person ever to have had SRS - at age But Dr Bern Meyenburg, the head of a clinic for children and adolescents with identity disturbances at Frankfurt University, concluded that the child was serious.

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They never have an answer to that one. Zachmann et al cite one AIS patient who had undergone orchiectomy in whom estrogen administration was started at the earliest estimated pubertal age of The official also said "At this point, we are relieved that the child was accepted into [second] grade and is being raised in a healthy manner", he added that the school district would watch his case closely and reassess the decision as the boy reaches puberty. Factors 6 and 7 are commonly and unfortunately combined under the term "gender-role", but I prefer to keep them separate when possible.

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