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The duo's film Team America: Fosse changed movies and Broadway forever, inventing an original American dance idiom: Rockwell had gone to SoulCycle that morning to stay lean while playing the sinuous Fosse, who had an addiction to work, women, Camels, Dexedrine and Seconal, not to mention his lifelong satyriasis. After months of delay, Scotus remands to reconsider in light of Masterpiece. The president and the pope aren't riding the new gay wave. Or in a body-hugging black T-shirt, just for the pure sport of it. Despite permitting other Martin Scorsese films to make the cut, countries including Malaysia, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Kenya banned The Wolf of Wall Street for its profanities and depiction of sex and intense drug use.

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First, we break Iraq and hand it over to the Shiites, putting in a puppet who leans toward Iran and is aligned with the Shiite militias bankrolled by Iran.

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He suppressed his ego for that long march through all those jobs to get the chance to be president. Not at all, I replied, adding that I wanted to join him on his planned sky- diving excursion when he turned But I just felt that it would be unprofessional to flirt with him.

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He would go along when she did singing telegrams.

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