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Grunge had happened, and there was something very freeing in that as well. I hate the word queer and consider it a slur and refuse to use it as an identifier. The 21st century has provided all of us, recent generations particularly, with a clearer idea of the breadth of fluidity with which sexuality and identity presents itself in each individual. Deciding to not be specific ultimately leads to a heterosexual assumption. Man on the Moon r. It was so healing, and was one of the most beautiful moments.

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I was tired, adrenalised to my eyeballs and skinny as a rail. I think there's a line drawn between gay and queer, and for me, queer describes something that's more inclusive of the grey areas. Stipe's vocals and lyrics received particular attention from listeners. The band issued its debut single, " Radio Free Europe ", on Hib-Tonewhich was a college radio success. A Tribute to Automatic for the People. Stipe had planned a collaboration with friend Kurt Cobainlead singer of Nirvanainpartly in an attempt to lure Cobain away from his home and his drug addiction. Maybe it comes from being in a band, and always picking up and moving on.

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I hate the word queer and consider it a slur and refuse to use it as an identifier. Live Live at The Olympia Unplugged: Loading comments… Trouble loading? It was Septemberand my band REM had released the two biggest records of our career. Retrieved September 13, But sneering at femninine presentation in gay men is in no way a slur or otherwise fucked up. They identified not as a band but as an art collective, introducing themselves to the New York scene with an outsized, glitter-doused glam performance at an East Village Starbucks.

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