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This doesn't mean that his perceptions are unfounded—our society is terrible to its elders in general and its LGBTQ elders in particular—but there may be opportunities in his life for intimacy that he's not tapping into. An impossible dream. In this paper I have described exploratory research on the meaning of homosexual identity in the life trajectories of middle-aged men. About this book Is midlife for gay men the start of a slide towards the rejection, exclusion and misery associated with the spectre of the lonely old queen? How do I get past being ugly and go out and get laid?

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There are those who keep going — silver foxes who dance with their shirts off, fists clenched and stomach muscles pulled in, strangers to a carbohydrate.

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JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. I think that on his 40th birthday every gay man should get a letter from his local dog's home inviting him to come and choose the life companion of his choice. Five had dogs, of which four were small and camp.

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Back then we were all out and proud and full of frisky fun.

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