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It seems to me, that the most recent comment is the most salient as you have noted some specific addresses to the website where my "case" is stated. And sometimes the noise and the music are so blurred together that they become one thing. The character, in the character. But I was able to find some solace in the world of theatre. I left school at 15 with no apparent potential. One of the things I'd like most is for people to emerge with any inherited prejudices out the window. Unlike some people, I am not generally one to separate art from artist and frankly I think his viewpoint or a nascent version of it is expressed in Rocky Horror, through the vehicle of Frank.

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The majority, is the role as fact. On social media, this din is particularly difficult for me to block out, as it is not uncommon for men to casually post that they want to gun down trans women on sight or that we should murder all LGBT people altogether. I think being gay would have been easier.

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The Garden of Eden is too small and ghostly for me, really, but I have given up saying that.

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