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If you want to search for just Freeleech torrents, there is a button at the bottom of the main torrent page "Freeleech Only". What is a passkey? First, click the Torrent link in the site navigation. This is the program that will download your files for you in small slices, from various people as well as share the file for others to download from you. True bannings are only for very serious or repeated rule violations. This is basically the ratio of uploads-to-downloads.

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We ask you not to download more than 10 torrents at once you can seed more than that when you have completed them. How do I reset my passkey? Uploaders should use one of GT's two following tracker urls:. Please login or register. You can upload a file from here to another site, but you will need to make a new.

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Show only FAQ items that contain We do not have a minimum ratio requirement at this time. Submit your website to Catalog! GT is a private tracker. Here you can enjoy tons of amazing XXX clips submitted by users. Really, though, you should read through all the rules listed on the website and make sure you understand them all.

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