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Inthe year-old Abraham Lincoln arrived in Springfield, Illinois, to found a law practice. Donald's We are Lincoln Menop. Fox states that the two men rode together in a carriage, while Chamberlin mentions a nightshirt; in Fox's diary, it is Derickson who is devoted to Lincoln, while Chamberlin's history mentions Lincoln's feelings toward Derickson. But if Fox's information had been passed from person to person in a long chain of transmission, it is quite possible that the story's potentially sensational aspects grew in the telling. Baker writes that there are "almost no gynecological conditions resulting from childbirth" other than a prolapsed uterus which would have produced other noticeable effects on Mrs. K "each day" from late September through October 22,but he offers no direct testimony on the matter of whether they slept together. She was also a near contemporary of Virginia Fox, having been born aboutand, like Fox, was closely linked by birth and marriage to many naval officers, political figures, and other notables.

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A new book, published next month, certainly thinks so.

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Were Lincoln and Nixon gay? The ‘history’ book that is dividing America

Lincoln wrote to a friend in Finally, this one source—not two independent sources—must be weighed against an overwhelming mass of contemporary and later eyewitness testimony that breathes not a word of scandal. Lincoln was married to Mary Todd from November 4,until his death on April 15,and fathered four children with her. Some "male historians" suggest that the Lincolns' sex life ended either in after their son Tad's difficult birth or in when they moved into a bigger house, but have no evidence for their speculations. Lincoln and Mary Todd met in Springfield in and became engaged in

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It's a persistent rumor, and one that has some basis in historical fact: The issue arose among historians, as you perhaps know, due to the well-documented friendship between Lincoln and his close friend and supporter Joshua Fry Speed, whom Lincoln met in Springfield. The book, which has been labelled as a novel to avoid legal complications, has divided US reviewers. Fox's evidence may be hearsay, but it needs to stand or fall on its merits, not because it is mere "gossip" recorded by a woman. He put in this category what he called the methodologically flawed but widely appropriated case against the "gay Lincoln thesis" by David Herbert Donald in his book, We Are Lincoln Men. The American People is likely to rankle with historians as there is no evidence many of historical figures were gay. Or take Mark Twain.

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