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After two hour swim practice, 30 min of boxing, and then 30 min of a hard AB circuit I am officially K. Not to be catty, but it looked like she was wrapped in mylar balloon skins. Jane Lynch is an attractive woman. I'm still finding slime in cracks I didn't know existed. Let us know in the comments.

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That is one sexy dude.

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And for the most part their acceptance speeches were intelligent and entertaining. Jim Parsons wins for Best Actor in a Comedy. Fernando had a special shirt made for me. Jane Lynch is an attractive woman. Ty Burrell left and Charlie Sheen. He actually showed up clean, sober and healthy, and he demonstrated some grit by apologizing publicly to his former Two and a Half Men castmates. What did you think?

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Let's train hard this week!!!?? Love her on Modern Family and yeah, I know, she did win the Emmy — but then she had that dreadful acceptance speech. Loretta Devine and Paul McCrane. Next time I see any of 'em I'm whuppin' that ass. Thought what a powerful reminder to be as grateful as we can be, love the heck outta our family and friends and squeeze every bit out of life possible, 'cause we never know what's around the corner. It'll help a great cause, just haven't decided yet!

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