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First Dates. I have never really had a problem getting on with straight people as an adult, I have a small group of close gay friends and a fantastic best friend, but I deal with such depression and anger all the time. I believe you are the one with whom i can openly share my problem and can get some closure. HEART and his ability of restoring broken relationship and marriages. It's something spiritual and mental, something really beautiful that's tainted by having to say goodbye forever. Being around other artistic, queer, black dudes who fully understood, but were in no way limited by, the intersections of their identity was, in a word, life-changing. Are You Attracting the Right Type?

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Fredrick Klaus from Berlin, Germany. During that relationship I told my family that I was with a woman. And I'm at that stage where I just want to give up completely, dramatic as that sounds, I've been through a lot not saying I'm the only one that has, many people have gone through what I have, but at the moment I'm merely speaking for myself.

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