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Chris Gregoire signed a law legalizing gay marriage. Diversity is a community value in Washington state that has been reflected in a number of actions taken by Governor Gregoire during her administration. Governor Gregoire, we've seen opponents of same-sex marriage in the past, like, for example, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, saying let's take it out of the hands of the legislators, let's bring it before the voters. There are days left in the year. I was married in my church.

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She mentions her fight with cancer in speeches about health care.

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Washington state's governor signs gay marriage law

On October 28,the Seattle Times reported that out-of-state donors were contributing heavily to Gregoire's campaign coffers. The bill was passed on February 8, And this one, I think, is one in which they should step up, absolutely make up their minds and take the votes. Why don't we just wait until the Supreme Court reaches a decision? Opponents of the bill collected the necessary signatures to place it on the November ballotwhere it was approved by Retrieved February 24, King County, the state's biggest county, opened the doors to its

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There are days left in the year. And then that right was taken away by a vote of the people. February 1, 1: After graduating from Auburn Senior High School[4] she attended the University of Washington in Seattle, graduating in with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and sociology. Retrieved August 18, Shortly after that, the next year, a domestic partnership law. But again, I really do believe that they probably have reached the very similar conclusion that I have, which is — and it's evidenced in the legislation that passed in New York.

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