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I did some good self-reflective work in those years, but I didn't prepare myself for navigating the dating world. However, I had to have very real conversations with myself to discover how I was contributing to my reality. He was afraid of my love—so was I—so sudden, so intense and looking back on it, so innocent. But I was chubby, and 'til this day, I still feel like that chubby, nerdy, effeminate, weird kid. The goal should be to create and build a real connection with someone.

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Even after Ray came out in his late 20s, his lack of self-esteem and need for approval led him into another relationship that was controlling and unhealthy.

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However, I would definitely tell myself that giving anything less than percent every day is unacceptable. I had to get over being gay in order to embrace the other facets of my identity and of my personality. Rejection happens in a snap. That feeling led him to join the Marine Corps inand it was a decision he will never regret. If you can take something from them, well, all the better.

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So casual sex doesn't exist as a concept for me. I'm not going play the "I find every race attractive" card—even though I do—but if I'm being honest, I definitely have a weakness for white boys. These 30 thoughts are my attempt to exorcise some of the pain, anger and hurt that have hindered and hobbled me most of my adult life—as well as to relish in the 30 years of it that I have been lucky enough to turn. I mean, how many revenge schemes can I realistically pull off in my lifetime? I didn't miss it. Houlihan to fuck off and rot for what he told me at 11 years old. To prove that I was smart enough, or sexy enough, or that I could hang?

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