Gay and lesbian association of choruses

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In fact, it was closeted as an organization. She feels that the activist component of gay and lesbian choruses informs them musically. On a radio call-in show, someone asked one of the school's administrators if he knew that his students would be performing with homosexuals. TCC sang about AIDS, and most Dallas music lovers who were "in the know" recognized the chorus as gay, but the music is what brought them notoriety. And it would be accompanied by a need for many of those involved to express their anger, sorrow, and hope in music. Encyclopedia of Gay Histories and Cultures.

gay and lesbian association of choruses
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In some areas, the GLBT chorus is the only really significant gay or lesbian organization in its community. The Harrisburg Gay Men's Chorus was founded in and celebrates the LGBT experience in the central Pennsylvania region and beyond, delighting and entertaining audiences with fun, vibrant and gay-positive musical programs. No retrospective on the history of choral music in America would be accurate if it did not acknowledge the startling growth of gay and lesbian choruses over the past three decades. To a degree, it has been there from the start, but recent years have seen more and more alliances with schools, churches, and other community groups, affording choruses a big opportunity to extend the message of tolerance to a broader public.

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