Gay marriage is it right or wrong

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Many churches and Christians are struggling to reconcile the clear teaching of Scripture with a desire to be in step with the culture. Agree with previous posting that it's a sad situation that such a pamphlet as this is needed. How about with someone who is born to be a killer? So I submit that what we have now is marriage and "same sex marriage", not marriage and "gay marriage". Publishing resources like this does not bring in lots of money because our goal is to make them available to as many people as possible; we remain dependent on the gifts of faithful supporters to continue the ministry. Soft cover. To me the Word of God is clear that homosexuality is wrong.

gay marriage is it right or wrong
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How come thousands of people voice their support for gay marriage in polls?

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However, just because the state recognizes gay marriage does not mean that the church has to solemnize the marriages any more than the church should approve an adulterous relationships. Ephesians 5: US October 11th, In other words as evangelist Ray Comfort calls the illogical concept "nothing created everything".

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New laws were not needed for a "gay" person to marry.

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