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Sometimes, in crossing lakes and rivers, bees become exhausted, fall into the water and drown. This series consists of five all-color motion pictures of wildlife, plant science, and conservation personally narrated by leading naturalists. We find the patterns and coloration of insects and insect parts in the designs on china, silverware, paper water marks, and postage stamps. Both the larvae and adults of the lady birds are predatory. There will be lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, films, slides, field' trips, projects, and individual and group reports.

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American Indians used designs based on insects, sometimes in highly conventionalized form, on their baskets, pottery, blankets, and other products.

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Because legumes also have nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their roots, they enrich the soil and thereby cut down 9n the need for certain commercial fertilizers. INSECT PRODUCTS We get many useful products from insects-honey and wax from bees, china wax from a scale insect, shellac from the lac insect, the red pigment cochineal "lipstick red" from a scale insect that lives on various species of cactus, silk from the silkwork moth, and tannin and turkey red from insect galls produced by plants. In fact, it is doubtful if there were any before the advent of insects. Frost, in his general book on insect life, includes an extensive list of references to insects useful to man, either directly or indirectly. There will be lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, films, slides, field' trips, projects, and individual and group reports. A bit of history - this picture, which is pertinent to the present issue of The Kansas School Naturalist, appeared in the first issue, entitled "Window Nature Study," October,

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Shores of ponds and streams are good places to find dragonflies, damselflies, whirligig beetles, water striders, toadbugs, scavengers, and water boatmen. But it does adhere to the bodies of visiting bees, wasps, flies, moths, and butterflies which, in their ceaseless quest for nectar, are inadvertently used as pollen distributors. The horntail and ichneumon are both members of the order Hymenoptera, which includes the ants, bees, and wasps. Flowers attract moths, butterflies, bees, ants, wasps, flies, and even beetles and true bugs. Some of these insect parasites have proved useful in the control of other species of insects. One preparation, extracted from the bodies of bees, was used in treating diphtheria, scarlet fever, dropsy, erysipelas, and hives.

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