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Making out straight people in the media to be a group of anti-gay conservatives out to get us all is a horrible idea, seeing as it would only breed the exact same attitude from the LGBT community. But he does come across as a narcissistic dolt in interviews. Thanks IonMusic. Combating racism might I add obsolete epithets with homophobia. Kanye West is the king of hating rappers.

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Only on certain TV shows like Jools Holland do you see genuinely creative exciting musicians, so not all is lost.

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All you gays have to see is any marketing selling image and you jump for it. No one dares to generalize White America as a group that is culturally backwards, at least not on Queerty although you can find many examples if you are brave enough to leave this site. Soupy Sam, by stumbled do you mean that you tripped on the carpet and your hands hit the keyboard in the position of http: History made me.

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Nothing else to even say to you since your reading comprehension is subpar.

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