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That could also be why you mistakenly thought it "represented the 's" I have to say that I personally did not particularly enjoy the 'top gun' style antics of these guys. This film has, however, inspired me to share my appreciation of the film. I'm kind of disappointed at the one "nude" scene there was. There was an exchange between Mr. But that's not what really hit my nerve.

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This movie serves no purpose.

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San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

It's a bit of an anticlimax, given the overwhelming amount of evidence against the pair. I've read all of the reviews on this official IMDb page of this film prior to choosing to watch. I was afraid to watch this at first because I knew it was going to be sad but surprisingly I am extremely satisfied with the ending. You are lead to believe this is a story about the romance between 2 air force officers. The focus isn't really on the two men but on an issues of gays in military.

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It clearly is made from the point of view that these witch hunts had a negative impact on everyone involved, including the military itself. This is one gem of a movie. I shall not go any further into the plot, but will suffice to say that if you like drama and are not prone to violent outbursts of homophobia, then this is an excellent film for you. Roy had a rather extensive amount of commentary about this book, which due to its length will be published here on SDGLN at a later date. It wouldn't appear that any of them have any doubts about the nature of their sexual orientation. Instead its written as a story about the friendship between the lead and his selfish, homophobic friend. The film perfectly captures the contours of every teenage relationship:

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