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If you are attracted to people of the same gender or sex as you, then you are probably gay. Could porn make me gay? How do I know, I masturbate to gay porn and I am happily married. Do gay people enjoy gay porn? First you are not gay because you masturbate to gay porn.

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Does watching gay porns make me bi or gay?

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I find that I do not like watching anal sex just oral, frottage, jerking mutual and one at a time. What about gay porn? Related Questions Do straight people watch gay films? I myself dismiss labels because I have no interest in the male body, only looking at a penis in action. Does watching gay porns make me bi or gay? Enjoy yourself and do not worry about labels - they are over-rated. Do women get turned on by watching gay porn?

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Labels either serve to help you or they serve to contain or restrict you. Am I abnormal if I like watching gay porn? I also like lesbian pron and I am not a lesbian. You feel, establish or choose, then identify what sexual orientation you are. Watching any type of porn does not make you anything.

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