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Labeled a carpet-bagger for having moved to Wyoming from Virginia barely a year earlier, Cheney made things worse by publicly feuding with her openly gay sister about gay marriage. Final Say. Inwhen asked if she and her sister had mended their relationship, Mary Cheney said, "I don't have to answer that. This is only the first time that Hillary has made a statement of support for gay marriage, Her support of basic human rights for gays and lesbians is not new. Although he was given 90 seconds to respond to Edwards' comments, Cheney responded succinctly, "Well, Gwen, let me simply thank the senator for the kind words he said about my family and our daughter. Though he now says he never asked for an anti-gay fight, his strategy to get conservatives to vote may have worked short-term, but ultimately it has harmed the GOP brand with younger voters. And as a woman in leadership, she'll face questions about what Republicans acknowledge is a yawning gender gap as their side of the aisle is made up of mostly white men.

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New York City:

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They heroically fight an awesome case to get DADT repealed only to go endorse candidates that believe in passing a const. May 3, Atlanta, Georgia:

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Unfortunately, a good number still haven't.

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