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Riverdale 7. Hmmmm, did Brian cut him off because his son is gay? I heard BAG is abusive. Did sandwich firm linked to five listeria deaths supply YOUR hospital? He met Megan when she was 19 and he was Breaking NewsDivorcesCelebs.

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This is why:

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Maybe we'll have better lesbian luck next week. The rumor currently scalding its way around the Internets that doesn't involve golf or Nazis is that Jillian Michaels, the mean screamy trainer lady from The Biggest Loserand former Las Vegas actress Vanessa Marcil are having a sexy lesbian tryst. We're very happy for you, Ricky.

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Marcil went on to say that custody cases hurt children and that divorcing spouses and couples who have children together and later split up should 'put the kids first.

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