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Take for instance, a black woman sleeping with a white man she thought was cool and later found out he was a Klansman. I'm not a fan of "new Prince". I think he is a hella talented songwriter, his lyrics are simply amazing!!!! Below are a few excerpts from the Essence interview by Kenya N. As soon as he [sic] came out as transgendered [sic], she freed herself and thats the freedom I want. Please note that articles written on this site are for entertainment and satirical purposes only," many took the quote at face value and believed it to be true. And certainly moreso than the other artists I mentioned.

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That somehow beats me now MEd!

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Singer Neyo admits he's Gay in Essence

Much luv to CaitlynJenner but I'm not on that team. If he looks like one, he just looks like one. September 9, at You must appreciate an artist from the art he does, not from his sexual orientation. Thank You San Alejo for getting rid of my enemies. See here, a woman is sucking my dick.

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So this was all a hoax? Anyway the one group i wish would come out and tell us all about they gay ness are the several rappers - and i wish they'd stop coming to atlanta,thinking if they dont catch you in NYC they wont catch you here. I will buy his album immediatley. I'm not an hip-hop fan but I think early hip-hop was better and had a message! Power to him, coming out in our society of pop culture.

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