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The first one wanted me to tie him up and kick him in the balls repeatedly. Nike is the overwhelming favourite in footwear, specifically TNs and Air Max 95s. Scally porn is largely violent and degrading, while Trackies is full of subs looking for someone to dominate them. Perhaps this goes some way towards explaining the enduring appeal of blue-collar subculture to gay fetishists. While most people derive sexual pleasure from physical acts, like rim jobs or asphyxiation, fetishists draw erotic gratification from clothing. Because the tracksuit-and-trainers combo is so commonplace, scally fetishists are likely to encounter dozens of unattainable cock teases every day.

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As I started fooling around with guys, I realised that their clothes turn me on too.

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Because it is role play, a great deal of congruency is needed to keep it genuine. There are hookup sites, too. Just leave me there, smashed up. The Fashion Issue

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Phil puts the figure at roughly 65 percent, but my own research suggests it might be higher.

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