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He did not elaborate what regulations had been violated by the seized men. There are also a huge number of outdoor cruising locations but some of these are hard to find and can be dangerous, so are not recommended for foreigners going alone. A third of those are mobile net surfers. Login to Your Account. Best from about 11pm, any day of the week, but especially weekends.

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Just use your gaydar to spot them.

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Beijing Gay Cruising Areas

Terms of Use RSS. Gay sex is not illegal in China, and homosexuality is openly and officially recognized if not exactly endorsedespecially now that Aids has become the No. Two floors of dance floor and bar, no entry fee. Join our community to meet people and share experiences Sign up. Some "money boys," or prostitutes, don't just charge for their services, but blackmail customers who fear their "hobby" may be leaked. Although education and discussion on gay issues has been more open in recent times a legislator even tabled a resolution a couple of years back to legalize gay marriagesthe mindset of society is still firmly anchored in traditional culture boy meets girl, marries and has at least one son to carry on the family linea tradition which goes back several thousand years. Drug use could be screened with urine tests.

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Topics include cheating heartbreakers, gay identity and how AIDS is spread. Prime cruising ground is the dark lane south of the facilities, but the whole lake is cruisy. A man working for the Beijing Administrative Committee in charge of the art zone lied, saying that "wearing rainbow badges is illegal," and blamed "horrifying" gays for "distorting sexual orientation. Language Glossary Mandarin Phrases Podcasts. Some eventually become regulars, returning to seek a sense of belonging. Jet responded right away to my original request for tours and was able to set up guides in Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Chengdu and Shanghai. Although basically not a gay club, some young locals can be found here who want a change from the scene at Destination across the road, and like the challenge of sorting out comrades from non-comrades.

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