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Kopay joined the Theta Chi fraternity when he arrived at the UW, and it was at the fraternity that he met the man he now calls the great love of his life. Kopay has been credited with inspiring these athletes to be more open about their sexual orientation. They would do Hello! I have a number of gay friends and although they wouldn't want me shouting from the rooftops about their sexuality, I'd like to encourage them to come out. No active NFL player has ever declared his homosexuality publicly. Plus its inaccurate and misinformed. I had several friends who were hardly promiscuous but were unfortunate to have an encounter without using condoms who contracted HIV.

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Can we ever be allowed to get beyond the dead or dying stage?

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Contact Us. Football is transient, loyalties quickly switch. A few months later, he was drafted by the St.

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Kopay even married one.

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