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MPs urge Government to introduce measures so migrant women access adequate protection. Fellow X-Men Kitty Pryde and Bishop have already been revealed to appear in this new solo series releasing on Septmber Call us! Paul Winter Carnival. Please enter your name here. Sign Up.

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Now that Pyro and Iceman have actually slept together three times, apparently!

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More than almost any other gaudy bang-pow-pop cultural property, X-books offered — then and since — an imaginative space where L. He is Christos Gage, not Marjorie Liu. If you're one of those fans who gets upset at the idea of writers taking a "straight" character and "making them gay," please understand that it is actually very common for a gay person to be in denial about their sexuality for years, up to a lifetime. What if you had grown up in another, less difficult, time?

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Stephanie Burt is a professor of English at Harvard.

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