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Upon Scar's demise, a rivaling pride of lions known as the Outsiders decide to remain loyal to him. They set the place ablaze and Zira commands Kovu to go and carry out the plan. I think his voice just fits. Tesla car riding on autopilot crashes in New Jersey 41m. Retrieved June 21, We never find out.

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I think we need something to clean our minds after that.

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Wait, Mufasa and Scar weren’t brothers in The Lion King?

They enter a river filled with crocodiles and are attacked. A storm breaks out over the Pride Lands as Zira leads her pride in war against Simba and his pride. This hits home in Simba, and in the end, Simba becomes an even greater king with a son-in-law he can be proud of. It looks like a place, but it could just be sexed up euphoria for all I know…kind of like that rainbow place in Anchorman. But because they went to Upendi Soon, readers, soonthis plan was foiled. He was almost frightening.

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It picks up where the original left off. The Christian Science Monitor. This site uses cookies. Recommended Slideshows 20 Pictures. I think a lot of sequels have too much time passing between the events from the first movie and the events of the second movie. It's no coincidence that Disney's latest jungle villain bears a wicked resemblance to Jeremy Irons; just ask the animator". He was almost frightening.

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