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Claire Danes and Charlie Cox as the protagonists Yvaine and Tristan are entirely appropriately cast, and by the end of the movie you will fall pretty much in love. I know that this is adapted from a book, but have not read it, so can not comment on how closely it sticks to the original. In no way is this forced, and the clean simplicity and predictability of the storyline mean that the wit of the production is lost on few without seeming pointlessly trivial. While I don't consider myself a big fan of fairy tale movies, Stardust intrigued me based on seeing Michelle Pfeiffer in the trailers as a villain especially since I was about to see her as the bossy Velma Von Tussle in Hairspray. As well as this the acting good, especially from the leads and Robert DeNiro, whose turn as the captain of an airship is incredibly memorable. I laughed hard and long throughout the movie and still I was captivated by the fantastic drama, and riveting suspense. It's surely a romantic tale, but with generous splashes of humour.

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I found my self, sitting in the theatre, returned to my childhood, and in that instant I again believed in unicorns, wicked witches, and falling stars that make dreams come true.

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This little diamond is finding its way into my DVD collection the moment it hits stores, you can trust me on this. Charlie Cox plays Tristan, who falls for the wrong girl Sienna Millerand agrees to fetch her a fallen star Well, in short, it's a Gaiman fairy tale about a boy and a fallen star. Tristan's purity of spirit arouses the love of Yvaine, so there is a nice little triangle going. From what I could remember there wasn't anything but good acting within the movie. Proper attention has been paid to storytelling and pacing, and the casting in the main is a triumph, with the ghostly Princes whose roll-call read almost as a "Who's Who" of currently cool British comedy - Rupert Everett, David Walliams of Little Britain fame, two of the blokes from Green Wing etc stealing most of the best lines and pretty much all of the films' funniest moments, which exist in abundance. And, yes, she's not as good as she can be when Cox isn't in the scene.

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The power to dream is a wonderful thing. Different from the book, but in a good way - less whimsical, more comical, still deeply sweet and enchanting. Acting is, in the very least, good. Danes is a good match as the understandably annoyed fallen star Yvaine as she has genuine chemistry with Tristan. The critical reaction is kind of blah. The pure joy brought about by the humor which managed to be Laugh our Loud funny, Intelligent enough to make the first Shrek look like an 80's Sitcom, and blend in perfectly with the rest of the movie alone would have made this a great movie. I could read a book this year, and in two years the movie would be out as another "Epic fantasy tale, the likes of LotR and the rest" so says the NYT and such and such no doubt.

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