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Many couples choose their wedding rings together after they decide to get married, and that solves many issues and makes the process easier. However, as my brother put it - "it's your finger and your ring, put it wherever you wish". Then a big party in his honor might be right up his alley. For some folks, the answer is yes. If you find that your mate would prefer a pricier option consider adjusting the budget and snagging a side job or looking into financing to pay for the purchase. Matching wedding bands have been a tradition for many generations, and for many couples, they seem like a must-have.

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Some couples have looked into alternative ways to show their affection:

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We have many gay couples and lesbian couples ask us specific questions about tungsten wedding bands. Pure gold is 24 karats, which means that 24 out of the 24 parts in which a karat is divided are gold. Society should have no input into your decisions.

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The answer to what kind of wedding rings to wear is really simple; wear what you want to wear.

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