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Rippon, one of two openly gay U. This is really a venture into uncharted waters, but the known possible risks included neurodegnerative diseases, gene mutations, diabetes, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, liver disease, blood and heart disorders, inflammatory diseases, sterility, facial hair, deepened voice and male pattern baldness. My mom has been the biggest fighter for me. Coming into my soon to be early years of adulthood, I've been able to reflect more and more as time goes by; who I am, who I want to be, and who is the truest me I can possibly be? But soon enough, he went from not using any pronouns to now calling me "him" and "he," which is cool.

images of transgender teens
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They do the same things.

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When I was younger, they all sort of thought I was gay. Adam Donyes, a certified Biblical counselor who works with teens, agrees. They broke my heart over and over.

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