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LOGO News. Just like a narcissist…he will always defend anything he has done or said and blame the other person somehow…the things we saw on camera cannot be explained away…he should never have been chosen for the show with his previous choices of dating partners…. Notify me of new posts by email. Broadway and Off-Broadway. One of the first things he and Dr. JJ Abrams gave two of his friends roles as Stormtroopers:

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Okay, so why give your wife two not one, but two bottles of wine as a gift if alcohol is such a trigger?

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He even has his own action figure! For all we know, the impending eighth installment could finally answer the question of what gay clubs are like Then he rode off on his motorcycle.

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This comes in the wake of a widely circulated message that Hamill sent, via Twitter, to a fan inquiring as to whether Luke Skywalker might possibly be bisexual, in which he expressed a similarly flexible view.

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