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Secondly, the fraternal birth order effect operates through a biological mechanism during prenatal life, not during childhood or adolescence. Each of these three findings has since been replicated in other studies [35] [24] [45] [46] and the general finding that boys with older brothers have smaller birth weights than boys with older sisters is in line with earlier studies. Due to the fraternal birth order effect, those naturally occurring odds are increased to 2. Their analysis, focusing on opposite-sex twins, did not find an association "between same-sex attraction and number of older siblings, older brothers, or older sisters". Certainly, there are some links to reputable publications.

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First, we need to clarify our definitions. They found that mean birth intervals preceding heterosexual and homosexual males were virtually identical. This is because the effect is present regardless of whether or not the older brothers are raised in the same family environment with the boy. Keeping gays out of scouting won't protect boys from pedophiles. Three studies have investigated whether sexual orientation also correlates with fraternal birth order in men attracted to physically immature males. Pick 'em after the first. The fraternal birth order effect is a phenomenon that can be described in one of two ways:

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First, homosexual men do tend to have a higher birth order than heterosexual men, and this higher birth order is attributed to homosexual men having greater number of older brothers. Studies in Western as well as non-Western cultures have demonstrated fraternal birth order effect as well as fecundity effects in relation to male homosexuality. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. No true pedophile is attracted to adults, so neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality applies. Each type of pedophilic group was compared with a control group that consisted of gynephilic men i. Results from the study indicate that fraternal birth order does not affect the age of preferred erotic targets and that fraternal birth order does not correlate with pedophilia. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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