Professional sports players who are gay

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What someone does on their own time should be of no consequence to anyone else. Rex Kloesel Weimar, Texas Who cares? Does every gay person make it known that they are gay? He also chain smokes and drinks eight to 10 martinis a day. We overlook MJ's gambling. I can think of six or seven more who would be understanding enough not to join in on the emotional beating I'd get. Toronto StarAugust 16,

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And then, there would be three who would not let up until I was either off the team or dead.

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List of LGBT sportspeople

Die Welt in German. Retrieved March 25, The Queen of Whale Cay: I'll be honest, it's the extreme overexaggerating homosexuals who many people find unaccepting. Retrieved 9 April It would be difficult for me to wear his jersey, because I would also become the object of the ire of the ignorant masses. Retrieved 6 August

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Retrieved 30 December Look past the petty things and explore why we really cheer these people -- for their talent, not for their personal life. Why would a heterosexual want people to know? Having said that, my admiration for him wouldn't change. Bisexual sportspeopleCategory: Archived from the original on 12 January Retrieved 7 January

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