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The ghost of you by Kitsune18 Fandoms: I hate how Sora tramples on my heart unaware. Originally posted by ukulelekatie. It was an early Monday morning, Destiny Islands High had just started and the students could be heard from behind the door to the classroom. Top of Work Index. More topics from this board He isn't going to lie, he does miss home.

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If the Shoe fits by ZeldaSpirit93 Fandoms:

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Kingdom Hearts

So you are Gay SKR: I want to see him—and apologize. Heavy Heart to Carry by waywardriot Fandoms: We can get outside of this world! Hanekoma said turning back to the board. If a fourteen year old Sora were told that he would one day return home to the sight of his toddler son resting peacefully on the chest of an asleep Roxas, he would definitely have a few questions. The students all giggling at the episode the couple just had.

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Can they outrun fate, or will it catch up to them? Giving me the power to make these was a mistake. My girlfriend is the love of my life, which supposedly Kairi is suppose to be to Sora, and if it were me Id be thinking about that special girl in every world like I do each day. They are not gay! Grid View List View. For example, when you lose someone you love.

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