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Even if the natural, simplicity is well enough. Can you do a headcanon for jushiro and byakuya and hitsugaya? Your limbs, when they twined together, were sleepy, heavy, warm. You'd been plotting a trail of kisses down the smooth ridges of his stomach, how to lick at the dip of his hip-bone in the way that made him gasp and twitch, down, down, down. Despite this being a popular spot for many to come to it was empty today, probably because most decent folk would be working at the moment. From time to time, he loves stroking the tattooed area.

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Needless to say you were late to that event, as Toshiro ended up claiming your mouth and other parts of your body…for the second time that day.

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Of course! As you still need help with your swordsmanship, he continues to tutor you, in exchange for just your company, and you become quite close. Taicho do you mind sitting up on the edge of the springs. I know that certain proportions are unrealistic and impossible in real life.

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Bleach TV Show.

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