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Most animal transformation sequences revolve mainly around the growing of pointed ears, extended muzzle eg. Sometimes the transformed person changes until they become a perfectly normal penis, and sometimes they keep parts of their original body shape typically the upper body in which case urine and semen comes out from the mouth. Notify me of new posts via email. March Already a memeber? Don't have an account?

transgender transformation fetish
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I became increasingly drawn to strong, masculine men with big stomachs we were living in the Frozen North at the time—no shortage there and became obsessed with someday making my skinny body grow a big gut and wearing a permanent beard, just like in the movie. The audience of TF is extremely diverse. There are some large differences between the communities, and a great number of furries do not consider themselves part of the TF community. Growing up, I was desperate to find information on the subject.

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He has served on numerous national and international committees e.

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