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September is seeking relief from the court for the violation of her fundamental constitutional rights to equality and human dignity, including an order that the respondents permit her to express her gender and that she be respected in her gender identity while incarcerated. Countering this point, counsel for Michelle brought in expert testimony to the effect that, although psychological interventions can alleviate symptoms of GID, employing the triadic approach set out within the international SOC, which includes SRS as the final aspect of treatment, is the only known effective treatment for GID. A of couple times men would say inappropriate things to me. I use female pronouns. However, contestations must be limited only to fiscal and qualitative grounds, i. Even though you may be going through difficult times, know that things will change. It really takes courage for a person to express who they really are.

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Additionally, a biological determinist understanding of gender means that gender and sex are fixed from birth.

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I completely agree. Asian Voices. Michelle then sought to challenge the Regulation as violating the right to equality contained in section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and, further, that the Regulation was not a reasonable limit that could be justified under section 1 of the Charter. Various foreign and international courts have taken decisions which affirm the medical necessity of transgender-affirming medical treatment, including GRS.

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