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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Far more than the ghettos of television, with its Queer Eye s here, L Word s there, and the pink shadows of Will and Grace and Ellen getting longer at the networks, movies may yet provide the forum for expanding or at least exploring how the straight American mainstream really relates to homosexuality. Slate logo Sign In Sign Up. This page was last edited on 15 Marchat And so, you come away from those movies and you step back into a world where Proposition 8 still passed and…. A shot of Snoop Dogg, mere seconds long, rapping in the film's closing number -- which includes Bono and Elton John -- "He's gay. It was fresh and it was nice to see a movie that did not have a tired, recycled plot.

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The industry is too volatile and money too scarce for Hollywood to get away with patronizing any minority, and all the better that a box-office hit might rock the cultural foundation a little more than two and a half hours of transforming robots.

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It is only a movie. And for the celebrities and viewers, for that matter who prefer a little more subconsciously gay narrative in their pop culture, look no further than the bromance genre that gave us hits from I Love You Man to The Hangover to its flagship title Entouragewhich also, fittingly, returns this week. So, do you think - either one of you - that, you know, that those over-the-top sex scenes in the beginning wouldn't turn off some heterosexuals who would say, this is what gay people do and be horrified. Federal Court.

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Well, do you see the movie as exposing homophobic behavior or - in straight people, or shining an unflattering light on flamboyant gay behavior?

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