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It's just as notable as being parodied on South Park. Plenty of dogs are poorly trained, other dogs are also high energy dogs that need a lot of work and exercise German Shephers for instanceplenty of dogs also get abused, and dominance doesn't work when your pit is clamped onto to its prey's neck and refuses to listen to anyone including its owner or even C. Could it be he received the award from a different orginzation? There's no reason to repeat every single criticism from every single source about what people say they saw him do in his appearances on the show; all this BLP needs is a short summary in the section about the show. Well Cesar, you yourself know what the traits of a fighting dog are. No child is an experienced professional dog handler, nor are most adults, therefore these dogs should not be allowed anywhere near residential areas.

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At any rate its not compliant by our standards so out it should go.

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Barbara Kay: Cesar the dog whisperer should whisper the truth

He does not say he is. The only source I could find for this award was from the Random House website. As to the larger issue of "cleaning up" the article, you should follow Wikipedia: She looks like him. Attributability—The more we know about the originator, either organisation or individual, of source material, the better. His eagerness to market the biopic with the record of his suicide, which I still have problems with reconciling, throw me off. It is true that anyone can be a member of ABS just like anyone can be a member of a historical society - but obviously the distinction here is certification.

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As it stands now, the article looks like a poorly written advertisement for Mr. I tried to find the original article on the AHA's site, and that's gone as well! When it was a woman having a hang-up, it was because she was a woman. I would prefer to err on the side of discretion. Anyone can file a lawsuit for any number of reasons.

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